Saturday, August 7, 2021

I Find It Amazing

 I find some things in life amazing. One of the things I find amazing is the fact that people just can't seem to stay out of other peoples business.

Case in point. California is in the worst drought we have ever had. So I get an email this morning from the nextdoor app. Some guy posted a pic of some water in the street from sprinklers. And the whole effing congress of people who saw that just went apeshit. Saying how terrible the waste is, report them to the city, sue them, and on and on and on. 

Me? I chimed in and said: Or, you could just mind your own business and leave them alone.

Holy shit! You would have thought I had commited 47 kinds of pedophilia on each of them. Holy crap. One lady said my comment was stupid, so she and I traded barbs. Then another guy chimed in on my side and told someone to keep quiet. 

Heh, I never knew retirement could be so fun.


  1. We're living in the age of Social Media addicted, control-freak Karens. And sadly in their spare time they multiply.

  2. You are totally correct, Boggie.....

  3. What was also sad was there only seemed to be 2 of me and tons of the others.