Friday, August 27, 2021

Oh, fer crissakes!

 BOMBSHELL: U.S. Officials Handed Taliban a List of Names of Americans and Afghan Allies

You know, this is pure ultra bullshit.  The United States of Fucking America just gave the tallywhackers a kill list and said "Go for it!" in typical Rocky Balboa style.

What in the hell are these idiots thinking? That they want to show the rest of the world exactly how progressivism is the most fucked up thing ever by negotiating with terrrorists? And then getting their asses kicked?

How many people are in the succession list. Let's see, we got biden, then the vp, then pelosi. Who comes after that? The cabinet? They should all be courtmartialed then hung. 


  1. After watching Idiocy for decades and becoming cynical about everything
    Here's my bet.

    No, I Don't Know who THEY are, but They NEED Afghanistan. It's where the drugs come from that make up some or all of the CIA black budget And help create the population for the prison system.
    They NEED a big disaster that they
    American people are pisstawf about, to justify going back into Afghanistan. I think it's a ploy to create Manufactured Consent.
    It has been a War,,but not enough expensive stuff has been being used to keep the DEEfense contractors happy.
    The thing that makes me think I'm missing it is
    Where does China get their rewards??
    I'm not seeing that.
    Just tossing ideas around.

    1. Not sure about china either, but I think you are spot on about the cia.