Saturday, August 14, 2021

Joe Biden is a Traitor to this Country

Joe Biden is a chickenshit cocksucking asshole extraordinaire. He spent the last few months REMOVING our troops from that shithole country called afghanistan. Why the fuckhell did we go there in the first place if we are going to crawl home with our tails between our legs? Just like vietnam. You sonofabitch.

Now what is this sonofabitch doing? He is sending 5000 MORE GODDAMN TROOPS and he is BEGGING the goddamn fucking taliban raghead bastards to LEAVE US ALONE!!!

US officials now appealing to the Taliban to wait for the completion of the U.S. evacuation saying that doing so would increase "the likelihood that both the international community and Afghans will accept the Taliban’s entry into the capital."

My grandson was at Ft Bragg until last october. He is a paratrooper and I think his unit at that time was the alert unit. He is no longer there, thank you sweet Jesus!

When my grandson first thought about joining the army, i thought it was a great idea. Get the GI Bill for college, retire at 20 years and get a good paycheck. Not anymore. Since this cocksucker traitor short bus joe biden took office I hope my grandson does not reenlist this next time up.


  1. Even if he doesn't re-enlist, they can still recall him; right?
    My son in the USAF is headed to Camp Lemmonier in East Africa next month for a year. He's still got three years left in his tour.
    I feel your pain.