Thursday, April 21, 2022

Does adding more ethanol to fuel damage the engine more?

 U.S. considers adding more ethanol to gasoline to lower pump price -sources

Will more ethanol in gasoline damage the seals in the engine? 

Ethanol in gas to lower the prices? Not gonna lower the price enough to purchase a can of veggies. Not to mention it gets less miles per gallon so you gonna wind up purchasing more fuel in the longrun.

Farmers are gonna sell the corn to ethanol producers. There goes the food supply to cattle that we all love to eat. 

Here's  an idea. How about if you government types quit screwing around with things like gasoline and just let us people decide what we want to do? Because if you continue screwing things up we the people just might decide to buy some more rope and hang your sorry asses.


  1. Lost me at "just might".
    You do realize the only way to bring a group of people into line is make examples of a portion of them.
    Like factions in government have been doing to us for quite a while


  2. Ethanol doesn't have the BTU's of gasoline. It's not good for engines and reduces fuel mileage. That, and without government intervention, wouldn't make it in the market.

    Regardless of what the government does, dabbling in the market only unbalances the normal way of doing business, adds bureaucracy, and increases taxes.

  3. Many cars, older ones especially, don't like Ethanol in the fuel. It ruins the rubber components in the fuel system. Ethanol in fuel also reduces its efficiency. FJB's big on talking about things he knows nothing about. He was extoling the virtues of heat pumps recently. Heat pumps are nothing more than air conditioners that can run in reverse. Electricity is the MOST INEFFICIENT way to heat ANYTHING, and heat pumps are the most inefficient way to heat with electricity!

  4. The only reason adding ethanol to fuel can lower the pump price, is due to the government subsidies that make ethanol "cheaper".

  5. And where are they going to get the fertilizer to grow the corn when they are talking about world wide food shortages partly because of fertilized shortages!