Thursday, April 28, 2022

Well, what could go wrong here?

 Biden DHS creates new board to police ‘disinformation’

Who the flock do these assholes think they are? God almighty???

This new office is obviously going to target conservatives, socalled republicans, and anyone who disagrees with their narrative.

I hope like hell there is a redwave in november and then the asshole republicans will grow some balls and actually use that redwave to do some good for this country. For example stop everything slowjoe and cameltoe and pelosi are trying to do.


  1. We lost the right to fair and honest elections in 2020. What makes everyone think we'll "get them next time"?

  2. 85% of the population live in their own bubbles and believe this Ministry of Truth is a harmless joke, because it won't come after them. However, when they suddenly realize they're the target it'll be too late.

  3. All the people on the left are quibbling with glee over this. The quibbling will continue until their version of the "truth" is deemed a lie...

    ...Then they'll blame Trump...

    ...Time for pirate radio to make a comeback...