Saturday, April 23, 2022

Good Saturday Morning



  1. I wouldn't take one of those ancestry scams. Once you send it in, they own the results and it is not private. Besides I know I am not from Africa. I am comfortable in my ignorance outside of knowing my two points of heritage is of Irish and Swedish descent. County parks are decent alternative to burying in your backyard, just cut the hands and heads off and bury in another state... People are getting close to not pay teh dane geld(tax) because of that. No reason at all why our money goes to another country except to pay a bill. Do you know of another country that taxes it's citizens and send money here?

    1. Not one country sends any money here to help us out. Or to pay the bills they owe us. Bastards.

  2. Yep. Grew up one and still am.

  3. Just call me "mutt". I don't give a rip where my ancestors came from. I am me, not them.

    Cederq, yes, anytime a "third party" has access to any information about you it is no longer private, especially when it comes to the government accessing that information.