Tuesday, April 19, 2022

How long do you think this will last?

 TSA, United, Alaska, Delta, American Airlines Drop All Mask Requirements After Federal Judge Declares Biden’s Mandate Unlawful

I would like to think this is permanent but I don't.

I think either this summer or immediately after the november elections these assholes are gonna try to do this crap all over again.

They are looking at china lockdowns as a pilot program and wondering how to implement that over here.

Bossy fossi ain't done by a long shot.


  1. Maybe the airlines will go the old "smoking" route and designate mask or no mask sections.

    1. I remember that. It would be quite funny to me for them to do that.

  2. China joe is probably shopping for a judge right now.

  3. Still ain't convinced me to fly again... nope.

  4. Hey - I'm still waiting for my 'Winter of Death' promised me by the President and Fauci. I made plans and now they are all cancelled - the Fuckers !!