Tuesday, April 12, 2022

If you need a little snack try this

 Banana Chips

When it comes to things in the kitchen, I can open a hell of a can of beans. Sometimes I can heat them up.

But other things, not so much.

So when I saw this I told myself that is something even I could do. I think.

Does anyone know how long chips like these might last out in the wilds of your pantry shelf?

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  1. The second that something dried stops BEING dried is the second that it starts sucking up moisture from the air. Thus the self life in Seattle or Orlando will be far different than it would be in say Las Vegas. It had been my experience that most banana chips are very low on banana taste because they are dried well before being very ripe. There is a reason banana bread tastes good and it isn't because they use green bananas. I have a better snack for you. Buy a package of "fakin bacon". Gently fry the strips making sure that there is oil in the pan. Turn the bacon often The goal is to cook it but not make it crisp(if it starts browning you've gone to far). After draining on a paper towel allow to cool, place in a freezer bag and freeze. Take one out to use on a burger or just eat as a snack when nothing but something meaty will do. Pro tip, the more times you open the freezer bag the shorter time the "bacon" stays flavorful. separate the strips into several bags only opening them one at a time. A month is about as long as you can expect the flavor to stay really good.