Sunday, April 17, 2022

Railroad Mandated Shipping Reductions

 US Rail Carriers Are Cutting Fertilizer, Grain, Coal Shipments

Looks like more victims of this stupid covid lockdown bullshit. 

Apparently staffing issues may be causing some of this. And what is causing staffing issues? Probly the damn govmint paying people to sit on their asses.

What do you think will happen if farmers can't get their fertilizers for the farm veggies and stuff they grow and sell to us? They can eventually revert to 1800's technology of composting, manure spreading etc. but not largescale enough to make the same kind of output. And it won't help right now.

More and more and more it looks to me like this whole covid thing has been engineered to bring america to its knees and maybe even the whole world.

And I think they are winning.


  1. "They" are winning. Why? Maybe George Carlin had the answer 17 years ago:

  2. Anyone read atlas shrugged?