Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Daily Whine 6-29-22

 Here we go again.

Why can't people and stores in this country quit trying to screw people out of money. No question mark, a statement of fact.

Went to dollar general for some items, got 2 sixpacks of the original vienna sausage. I love those things.

Walking around I saw folgers coffee for 8.95. In what looks to be about halfsize container of what they used to be. I think it had 24 oz.

Underneath that is maxwell house in a 24 oz container for 6.50. So I put one in the cart.

Go down another aisle and there is a shelf full of maxwell house coffee. In a 30.6 oz container for 6.50. So I put the 24 oz. one back and take this one. At the checkout it said 7.15 for the can. WTF?

The clerk goes and looks. One shelf had 30.6 oz cans of coffee for 6.50. The shelf under that had 30.65 oz cans of coffee. For what price? None listed. So I didn't get either one, they pissed me off. I told them it was misleading. The clerk said thank you, have a nice day.

Daily whine over. For now. Maybe.

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