Thursday, June 30, 2022

Daily Whine 6-30-22

 Once again I find myself shaking my head in wonder at awesomeness of people. And also muttering incoherently under my breath.

I want to replace a window air conditioning unit in a small house my daughter lives in. The windows are casement style, so the ac unit has to be narrow to fit in the window.

When I bought this unit almost 20 years ago now, I went to home depot and picked it up right off the shelf, they kept them in stock.

Not now, uh uh. Now you have to go to their website and pick out what you want. Then you have to create an account so you can order the damn thing. There was supposed to be a guest option but I couldn't find it.

Anyway I ordered the thing at the help desk at home depot, and got my receipt.

They sent me an email that said it was shipped and would be delivered yesterday. Couple days ago that got changed to today. 

Checked my email just now and had an email that said delivery is delayed till tomorrow.

So I checked fedex for tracking, and they say it is on the fedex truck for delivery. But the tracking bar still says shipped, but not out for delivery. So I got no clue when it will get here.

Whine over.

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