Saturday, June 11, 2022

I am tired.

 I have let myself get too far out of shape.

I know it has been getting hotter lately, but i should be able to work more than two hours at a time before getting winded and unable to work.

My granddaughter Calliope helped me this morning. We drained a swamp cooler to let it dry out so we can spray some coating in the pan. We also went to the hardware store to buy some new cooler pads. Holy crap those things have gone up in price. A single 28" by 28" cooler pad was $10. I needed four.

She helped me get them off the roof so we could throw away the old pads much easier, as they were disintegrated. Then we installed the new pads and carried them back up to the roof. The pan should be dry by tomorrow and we can spray coat it. Also gonna have to redo the drain. 

While at the hardware store I looked at casement window operators. Again HOLY CRAP those things have gone up in price. They are $22 each! And I need ten of them.

After we got the cooler part done, Calliope walked home to her house which is right next door and I drove home. Where I promply laid down on the couch and slept for two hours.


  1. Paid $4.29 for ONE 1.5" PVC elbow this morning! A couple of years back these things went for about a buck!!! And yes, after swapping out a pool filter canister in 100* heat I was done for the day...

    1. I tell you, joe biden has screwed this country. I wish I had followed my instincts last year and stocked up on pvc, 2x4, etc.

    2. me too, and osb board, 5 bucks a sheet b4 covid. got up to 45, now back down to 25 bucks. i was going to buy a stack but never got around to it.

  2. We need to screw biden and all the others back... S/S bolts are now gold...

  3. yeah, as to tired same here. i'm just 59. i have a neighbor that's 74 that does more than me every day. i'm on day 6 of a 2 day wood cutting chore. several more days to go.ugh.