Friday, June 24, 2022

Prepping Items

 I have started buying more stuff. Partly in an effort to beat inflation by having more tangible goods at lower prices than in the future, and partly just to have more stuff for teotwawki or shtf. Also just in case my finances take a turn for the worse.

Last week the lovely mrs. and I went to the local target and bought several hundred dollars of nonfood items.

Then I started thinking about gardening. So I ordered two more sets of seeds from amazon. I have 4 packages of them from last year. The seeds ordered this way are much less expensive than buying them individually. At least here locally they are.

My gas powered chainsaw has 4 spare chains I purchased last year. I am debating about purchasing another chainsaw of the same make and model. Any thoughts on that??

I have a 14" electric chainsaw I haven't used in a while, so I purchased two spare chains for that.

Last month I purchased quite a few handsqueeze flashlights. Squeeze the grip a few times and voila! You got light. Not very bright but you don't have to worry about running out of batteries. It's good enough to get around inside the home if your electric goes out. Especially if you got young eyes.

So, for the nonce that is what I am doing. Are you guys doing  any more prepping than usual?


  1. It is good to have a second bar for the powerhead of your chainsaw. That way if your first bar gets bound-up when cutting (Hey, it happens) you can make some changes to the set-up, un-bolt the cutting bar that is stuck. attach your back-up and have a darned good chance of getting your first bar un-stuck.

    Of course it is 100% possible to get both bars stuck which is why you might want to block-up what you are cutting so-as to reduce that possibility.

    1. I frankly did not think about a bar for the saw. I will need to remedy that. Now that being said, maybe there is a bar close by I can go get a drink.

  2. An extra bar for your chainsaw is a good idea; at least one. A worn bar can wear out a new chain bar oil?
    Got stabilizer for your gasoline for your gas saw? 2 cycle oil?
    That is a nice seed collection you got there...
    A stack of food grade 5 gallon buckets may be a nice addition to preps...lots of you save your old medicine bottles and spice containers? what is your ziploc bag supply like? foil? plastic wrap? salt? spices in general? do you have any junk silver? if you have any bicycles, do you have tubes/tires/air pump? keep your vehicle gas tanks at least half full always? got a siphon system? extra cases of water? a variety of flashlights is nice with another variety of batteries. any two way radios? a battery powered radio for emergency broadcasts? what about work gloves? extra eyeglasses?
    Just a few items..

  3. I do have bar oil,a quart. Except I left it at home this morning when I needed it to cut some wood. I like stabil gas stabilizer. As for the seeds, I made a conscious decision to stock a lot of those. I figure if shtf my neighborhood won't have seeds. So I will. Lots of good suggestions there. I have all of those, I think, except junk silver.