Sunday, June 26, 2022

I am going to try and sharpen a chainsaw. Wish me luck.

 I put a new chainsaw chain on my electric saw yesterday. I chose my electric saw rather than gas because I didn't want to listen to the noise. Then I used it to saw in half a pretty heavy block of pecan wood that came from a tree I had taken out last year.

I have been loading the blocks of pecan wood trunk into my wheelbarrow and hauling them to my pickup, and then haul them home to my house. 

But this one piece of trunk was just too damn heavy to move by myself and at the time I had no one who could help. After it was cut in half I easily loaded it up.

So I got the saw and started sawing. And it was going pretty doggone good too. But about halfway thru I heard what sounded like metal hitting metal and then the speed of sawing decreased significantly. 

Never found any metal in the wood, but the chain was definitely not as sharp as it was.

Now, I have never sharpened a chainsaw chain before, so I looked up a video on youtube and thought I would share with you. 

And no, I am not going to video myself and the process. That would be embarrasing to watch a nekkid overweight man trying to sharpen a saw.


  1. I have a Dremel with a chain saw sharpener attachment. If you have electricity, it works GREAT! Files work good too, but harder to keep the angle. You don't have to get nekkid to sharpen the chain, but it helps if you don't want anyone to watch.

  2. Especially with the blade up between your legs....

  3. Why waste time and energy doing this??? Just get a new chain. I spend no more than $33.00 per and buy 3 at a time. Would you brush paint your living room with a 1 inch brush?

    1. With a quarter century in the logging and tree removal business, I would buy chain in 100' rolls and make them as I needed them. When they got thrown in the scrap barrel they were filed down to nothing. If you're really only using them once tell me what saw your running. If I can use them, I'll buy them from ya.

    2. I run my chains till the file practically runs out the back of the tooth. Some one just gave me a dozen chains where the guy didn't know how to sharpen and would do just that - buy a new chain. 300 bucks worth of chain with just one use. Score.

  4. This makes the process simple -

  5. Anon are you serious? I can resharpen my chain saw chains in about an easy half hour. I use a jig as I've found it works better for me. What pray tell will you do when you cannot buy them?


  6. G106B Granberg Original Filing guide - easy, quick and corrects for my apparent inability to judge angles any more (just add it to the ever growing list of things age has made more 'complicated').