Thursday, June 23, 2022

What happens if the trucks stop?

 A Warning About The Coming Shortages Of Diesel Fuel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid And Diesel Engine Oil

When the trucks stop, our economy, and potentially our lives, stop.

We all know that this bullshit is being orchestrated by the bidencrats. So what we gonna do about it.

Not much unfortunately. Unless the big red one finally kicks off across all 57 states and we can finally kill some damn democrats.

But I don't think that is ever going to happen. Unless these stupid cocksuckers pull a dianne feinstein and try to confiscate guns from Mr. and Mrs. America.

Here is a link to a story that covers that concept. The stealing of guns by our president.

So. What to do.

If you are in a rural or semirural area I suggest you start thinking about farming. But not farming in the traditional sense. Think amish and people who farm without gas or diesel driven machinery.

If you got 1 acre, 2 acres  or 25 acres start preparing your land to grow food you can trade or sell to your neighbors. Start a community garden. Find an old building and repurpose it to be a barter center. 

You know what might be good in a barter center or a general store? Seeds. Lots and lots of seeds.

Find an old building and start buying old machinery and putting in the building to have it to sell when shtf or teotwaki or the trucks just stop.

Find some old farm machinery and rebuild it so it can be pulled by animals. Then start doing that. Maybe just on  the weekends at first.

The point is these goddamn cocksuckers have got us maneuvered into a place where we might not be able to get out of. 

Maybe a little forethought will help with that. Just a thought.

Here's a movie line: I have to be careful what I shoot at?!

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