Friday, June 10, 2022

Good Morning

 This is borrowed from The Feral Irishman

Why Grandpas are better...

 Have you ever wondered what the difference is

between Grandmothers and Grandfathers


Well, here it is:


There was this loving grandfather who always made a

special effort to spend time with his son's family

on weekends. Every Saturday morning he would take

his 5-year-old granddaughter out for a drive in the

car for some quality time -- pancakes, ice cream,

candy -- just him and his granddaughter.


One particular Saturday, however, he had a terrible

cold and could not get out of bed. He knew his

granddaughter always looked forward to their drives

and would be very disappointed.


Luckily, his wife came to the rescue and said that

she would take their granddaughter for her weekly

drive and breakfast.


When they returned, the little girl anxiously ran

upstairs to see her grandfather who was still in

bed. "Well, did you enjoy your ride with grandma?"

he asked.


"Not really, Pa Pa, it was boring. We didn't see a

single asshole, queer, piece of shit, horse's ass,

socialist left wing Biden lover, blind bastard, dip

shit, Muslim camel humper, pecker head or son of a

bitch anywhere we went. We just drove around and

Grandma smiled at everyone she saw. I really didn't

have any fun.”


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