Monday, June 20, 2022

Why isn't this as big a story as the baby formula shortage? Or even bigger?

 Un-American: Air Travel in the US Descends Into Chaos

5,000 flights cancelled over Memorial Day weekend: Industry expert blames worker and pilot shortages

10,000 flights apparently got cancelled over this last weekend. 5,000 flights got cancelled over memorial day weekend.

That kind of screws up your travel plans if you are on one of the cancelled flights. Got enough credit to rent a small car? How about paying for the gas for that car? Can you say $75 a fillup? And you got 600 miles to go?

Your wife is gonna get pregnant tomorrow and you want to be there for the event? Sorry, take another flight Tuesday.

Going to your parents house for their 50th wedding anniversary? Sorry, flight cancelled. What's a party anyway.

This is difficult for me to believe. This country excels at so much stuff and we used to excel at the airline level. They are blaming this on the weather. Oh, and maybe covid too.

The covid pandemic has a lot to do with this. But I think so does the general laziness of people these days. Especially democrats.

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