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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Damn good thing somebody had a cell phone.

 200 fishermen rescued from iceberg that broke free on Minnesota lake

Wow. Can you imagine enjoying yourself icefishing on a nice sunny snowy blustery afternoon, and next thing you know you look up and see water between you and land???

Now, I don't know about you, but I think I would crap my pants if I saw that.


  1. Ice & fishing should never be in the same sentence, except if you're talking about beer being on ice.

    1. Agreed. Never been ice fishing, never will.

    2. You, like most people, are missing the point.

      Fishing means sitting, usually in the rain, with a rod. Ice-fishing means auguring a few holes, setting lines then ... retiring to a nice toasty warm shelter to party ... I mean 'contemplate the beauty of nature' (best undertaken whilst 'fortified' with copious amounts of your favourite beverage obviously).

      Although, doing it with 200 others is just ... wrong. A nice isolated lake, a few (close) friends (preferably including a tea-total designated fish-checker - because forgetting why you are there and returning sans fish is a tad embarrassing) though.

      Don't tell SWMBO please (she thinks I'm a dedicated sportsman)!

    3. Party on, Dude! Now that is fishing!

  2. My cousin in Michigan when I was back there one winter kept trying to get me to go ice fishing, oh hell no! I ain't sitting out in the middle of a huge pond at -20 degrees in the open at a hole in the ice... and hoped a fish came by whilst freezing my ass off...