Thursday, May 28, 2020

Loud Mufflers

When I was a kid, loud mufflers were the thing to have.  There was nothing better than a car with that deep rumble you could hear from blocks away, dragging main.

It didn't matter if you were rich, poor, popular or just crazy, if you had loud pipes you were cool.  I had a 1960 Ford, I forget which one, but it had muffler problems at all times. And being a farm kid, I didn't have the bucks to fix it. The pipes had as many holes as my moms collander, and the muffler was no better.  It had loud pipes, but it didn't have that cool sound.

So I endured as well as I could. When I joined the navy I got stationed in Bremerton Washington for 6 months, and I bought a 69 Buick GS400.  It was a cool car but it didn't have that sound, so when we went back to Alameda, I took it to a muffler shop and had them install what they called cherry bombs.  
That made that car sound okay. Never did get it to sound exactly the way I wanted.

I had a great uncle we all called J.W.  He was talking about a car he had, and said when he hit the gas that it Bawled like a Bull!
I never had a car that did that, but I have had a few I cried over, as in Why did I ever buy this #%#% thing?

Here is a link to an article at Car Throttle. Neighbors didn't like the loud exhaust.


  1. About a year ago my grandson put glass packs on his durango. Then he sent a picture of all the fiber glass coming out of the tailpipe.