Sunday, May 24, 2020

3300 Stores are Closing, Plannedemic Related??

Business Insider has an article up, says that a crapload of stores are closing this year.

Victorias Secret, Gap and Walgreens are on the list.  I get a bunch of prescriptions at Walgreens, I hope they don't close the store I go to, else I will have to find another pharmacy.  

I went to this pharmacy because my wifes insurance, of which I have prescription coverage, deemed that the pharmacy I was using at the time, CVS, was not good enough.

Anyway, I am not sure store closings are going to help the general public in any fashion. People are out of work already. My daughter worked at Macys, got laid off because of this crap.  She is making out okay for now, but where will she go to work if all those stores are closed.   She and her husband are planting garden stuff till hell won't have it, hope it all does good. 

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