Sunday, May 24, 2020

An Excellent Reason to Drive a 69 GS400

Here is a link to an article about volvo limiting the cars speed to 112 mph.

The article says the EU is imposing a law next year or so limiting speeds of all vehicles. 

Who the hell are these people to tell me how fast I can drive? Screw that. I don't drive fast at all, but jesus aich  christ, what if I need to go 140? I mean, if I am heading home with a buddy full of bullet holes and I start across the bridge in my super hot car, and  some guys start pushing cars across the end to stop me, 112 mph isn't going to cut it.

The above is part of a book called Lights Out. I forget the authors name, but it is an emp scenario. Good book, I recommend it.

But anyway, sometimes government just goes way too far, and I think this is one of those times.

Screw government.


  1. YEAH! "Screw government." I wholeheartedly agree with ya! I can't drive 55...

  2. David Crawford is the author of "Lights Out".

    1. Thank you, thats right. I still have bookmarked the site you told us about some time ago that has that novel and several others.