Wednesday, May 27, 2020

America is Opening, it Should Never Have Closed

We know vastly more about COVID-19 than we did early on, and the more we know the more preposterous is the entire lockdown, which is probably why the media-fueled fear mongering is rising and not falling during the opening. (To be sure, even if COVID-19 had turned out to be the bubonic plague, I still reject the idea that there is any excuse to violate human rights.)


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  1. I have pretty much ignored all of the "mandated" garbage Florida put down in the beginning. There isn't a bug out there that trumps my rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.
    I've had a few snooty old leftist bitches (and I ain't a spring chicken anymore) attempt to shame me for refusing to wear a mask. I just tell them "my body, my choice, bitch." They simply move on very offended. And any cuck men with them keep their mouth shut and slink off with them.
    There are certain men out there you can tell you just don't want to screw with just by the look of them. Just walk on home, boy.