Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Madera County is Open

I live in Madera County in California.  On the radio today it was announced that everything in our county is opening.  Dine in restaurants, retail stores, child care, and I guess just about everything.  

So I guess our county supervisors must have gotten permission from our overlord gallant governor newsom to reopen. Whooopti doo.  

I don't understand too awful much about all of this.  I think only about 20% of the population in any county is staying home.  I think the other 80% are socalled essential workers.  I drive up and down the valley daily and not too many people are staying home.  

What gets me is the bathrooms.  I stopped at a mcd's in kingsburg last month, I figured I would go in and use the john then go thru the drivethru, because dining room is closed. Well guess what?  The bathrooms are closed too. Everywhere I go the bathrooms are closed.  Except for some gas stations. Not all gas stations will let you use them, but most will. 

I stopped at a chevron for gas this afternoon.  Went to go inside and there was a sign on the door. It said, if you would like full service please let us know and we will pump the gas for you. When was the last time you been in a full service gas station.  For me it had to be in the early 1980's.

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