Monday, May 25, 2020

Oops, Farmer John has Some Positive Covid Tests in LA

I have some Farmer John sausage in my freezer, hope they don't shut the plant down, would hate to run out.

Here is a link to the article.

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  1. Think about this for a minute. Those sick people in that plant are shedding Kung Flu virus all over the sausage AND THE PACKAGING. You purchase the sausage, unpackage it prior to cooking it, then absentmindedly touch your face. Have fun breathing in about 14 days or less. 'Course you may be one of the lucky .2% that never show any symptoms. BwaHahahaha.

    But, but, but the CDC NOW says that Kung Flu DOESN'T SPREAD via surfaces. Funny they've been telling us THAT IT DOES SPREAD VIA SURFACES almost since they told us about the presence of Kung Flu.

    Did they lie before or are they lying now?


    P.S. Came here from Phil's place.