Tuesday, December 19, 2023

It is too late for America to Recover.

 MASS OF THOUSANDS of Illegal Aliens Wait to Be Processed at Eagle Pass – Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

I think it is too late for America to recover from obiden and crew. They have succeeded in lulling into complacence over half of this once great country.

I say once great because at one time we were great. We had immigrants from other countries come here because they wanted a better way of life, they wanted OUR way of life.

Not anymore. They come here expecting handouts of all sorts, knowing that the idiot democrats won't let any harm come to them.

The only way to stop this is to use violent physical force. Force from our army, navy, and marines. State militias. The only way to stop this is to round them all up and force them to go home.

Go Home. Your country that you came from.

We don't want you here destroying our country.


  1. America's doomed and there's no stopping it. The elites know just how to turn up the water to the slow boil so the frogs don't realize they're being cooked. They keep feeding the instant gratification, emotional reacting citizens just enough sports, pickup trucks & SUVs, TV reality shows etc. to keep 'em complacent. Then when the extermination camps open for business, they'll be millions of deer in the headlights.