Friday, December 15, 2023

Turn Off the Internet?????

 Miles Taylor Tells MSNBC That if Trump is Reelected He Could ‘Turn Off the Internet’ (VIDEO)

Can someone explain to me how POTUS could have the internet turned off?

Is there a kill switch on his desk?

I know there are servers that control the flow of traffic on the web, but aren't there just a hell of a lot of those, so shutting one off doesn't affect much???

These people are severely affected with TrumpDerangementSyndrome.

The only possible cure is death.


  1. The lefties hear this crap, Know it's True, because,, Trump,, and hyperventilate some more. The absurdity of it is lost on them.

  2. They actually tried to pass a law giving themselves the ability to shut the internet down. Can't recall if it passed or not. No matter, through the telecommunications act, they can get the companies that own the wires, to shut down the traffic. Yes, true, the internet is a decentralized network... however, they can effectively shut it down in this country.
    Their efforts today are working towards a soft-shutdown. They'll censor and suppress whatever content they don't like. It's easier than banning the medium. Let the pipes flow, just control what goes down them.

  3. is possible to "turn off" the internet. And no, there is no discreet switch to do it. It would take the willful assistance of several communications company's and probably other nations cooperation to make it happen. Wouldn't be easy but it could be done. And it's the left who is most likely to try and turn it off. They ALWAYS accuse their opposition of what they are planning to do.

  4. It's easier to deprogram someone who tests Amway positive than to deprogram someone with TDS.