Sunday, December 3, 2023

Trump Era Tax Cuts Are Set To Expire — Here’s How Much More You’ll Pay

 Taxes Suck

What's that old saying? There are only 2 things that are certain in this life, Death and Taxes.

I think that is wrong. I think taxes are both of the things that are certain. I think Taxes are Death.

Taxes suck. Big giant cockroach testicles.

How did this country ever survive before the income tax amendment became law?

Regarding the tax rates, here is what they should be. 1% of your gross annual income. Income being only what you earn from your job. No taxing of capital gains from the sale of your house, etc.  Federal tax only, no state or local income taxes. And the amendment should say no new fees can be applied either.

So for each $100,000 of gross income you will pay $1,000 to the tyrannical government. 

That is all the damn money they should get. I realize a lot of the "services" will go by the wayside.

It is about damn time for that to happen.

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