Tuesday, December 26, 2023

When you have no values, you swat people.

Chickenshit democrats at it again. Swatting Conservatives. Even CatTurd got hit. 

If law enforcement doesn't do something about this type of thing somebody's gonna get killed.

Maybe it is time for a behind the scenes figure to organize a national hit squad to take care of shit like this.

Get a squad of cyber forensics to track down who did it. Have a squad of Army Rangers on call to go remove these people. 

Publicize the hell out of it. Put video online. Problem Solved.


  1. Law enforcement ain't gonna do anything about it because they're in on it. Just ask FBI Director Wray and AG Garland.

  2. Better than even money the people!e behind this ARE Fed law enforcement.

  3. They'd be all over it if it happened to a Pedocrat.