Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Do you think we will have an election or a big ass civil war???

 Democrats' Anti-Trump Ballot Stunt Isn't Going As Planned

I wish I was eloquent. I have a hard time expressing my thoughts in a coherent manner. So what happens is I go from zero to pissed off in about a half millisecond. And then my brain goes blank and I can't say what I would like to say. Kind of like this:

This whole thing with President Trump is just completely baffling. Are these people REALLY this scared of him?

Did he forget to pay them their vig?

What is the deal?

Is he truly the savior of us all? Is he the outsider who says what he means and means what he says and is really and truly one of us?? 

Well, it would appear that is the case. Donald Trump is the only person in my lifetime who has fought for my family and me. 

All the others have been assholes.


  1. 2024 will be just like 2020. NOT an election... A SELECTION. The dem candidate will be a toilet, NOT elected. And it will take a civil honest to God undo the crimes of the left.

    1. You are 100% correct. There is no other option at this point.

  2. I'm betting on a big ass civil war, but I'm sentimental like that, and still not too old or busted up to have to sit it out.

    Americans aren't the type of folks who'd sit around and wait 90 years for Communism to fall over all on its own.

    We're much more likely to start jamming crowbars under it and giving it a big damn push. And if that fails, trying some dynamite.
    Maybe not even in that order.

  3. Ehhh,, I think I know what they Want, because they believe They are actually in the majority, are Clearly smarter, blah de blah blah,,
    But they'll puss out and have the Sham election, superseding all previous Honest and secure elections in honesty and security,

  4. I've always thought the Left is terrified of Trump. They reversed nearlly all of Trump's steps to fix what was wrong with government under eight years of Obama. There were major changes, the biggest one was that American lives were changing for the better. Employers began hiring again when the regulations that chop them off at the knees ended. The cost of fuels dropped when government regulations stopping companies from drilling ended.

    Biden changed that as quickly as possible and the good times ended. Bad News again - pesky Russians they said. If/when Trump becomes newly elected, will Good Times come back ? Dunno - the Left did some major damage and hate towards anything Trump is strong as ever. But this time, people noticed the differences. People want their Good Times back.

    This election is easy to settle. Allow both Trump and Biden to get on stage and spend an hour touting what their four years in office did for the country. Then spend the next hour allowing both to state what their agenda is for the next four years.

    1. Who wants to watch Biden stare at the backdrop for an hour and 45 minutes after he craps his pants? That's no joke, Jack.

  5. I am certain America is Doomed because the obsessed, neurotic control freaks finally figured out how to game the system while universities brainwashed generations of mush brain kids. The real catalyst was the inventions of the internet, computers and social media. Now the icing on the destruction cake is 10,000 or so illegal alien invaders are streaming across the border every DAY. Incidentally a civil war is just a pipe dream. It ain't gonna happen because the elites who control the country know just how much material stuff to let the peasants have and how much fear to instill to keep people under control.