Thursday, December 21, 2023

Lets take biden off the ballot because of treason for his lack of stopping the border crisis.

 THOUSANDS of Military-Age Men From India, Middle East and Africa Invade Eagle Pass and Lukeville

Military age men?? Huh. Wonder what they are doing here.

Folks, the democrats are stupid as all hell. They are actively bringing an army to our shores to annihilate us. 

Do the dums not know they will be annihilated also.

These people are not going to get a job and send some money home to mama. They are being clothed fed and armed by soros, clinton, gates, bezos obama etc. etc. etc.

Don't worry about bugging out when the shtf cause these goat fucking pig dick sucking assholes are EVERYWHERE.

I'm gonna stay here. Till the food runs out anyway. Then I'm gonna do like Hal Moore did in vietnam and fix bayonets.

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  1. The Dumocraps know EXACTLY what they're doing in bringing these people in. What they don't realize is that they've each got "Useful Idiot" tattooed above the hairline. They don't realize they'll be thrown under the bus as quickly as they've been throwing US under the bus when their "services" are no longer needed. Look to what happened in Cuba when Castro took over...

    There's no "bugging out" with this. There's no "moving to Idaho to get away from blue state politics" either. "TPTB" are doing their level best to turn the WHOLE COUNTRY into a blue state. I still live in CA, along with MILLIONS of other Conservatives. If the USA is going to join the banana republic club, then I'm going to do so where the weather is good, the soil is good, and the growing season is long...