Saturday, December 30, 2023

Nobody but a complete dumbass would think google is not tracking you.

 That being said where is my settlement check for $5000????

Google Agrees to Settle $5 Billion Class Action Lawsuit Over Tracking Users in ‘Incognito’ Mode

I have seen incognito mode before. Supposedly they do not keep records of sites you visit.

If you believe that could I interest you in purchasing the Bay Bridge? For a mere $100,000??

Googley is collecting millions billions and trillions of data bytes on you me and saint augustine. And if ole goverment says hey I want that they willingly turn it over. No matter if they say they do not, they absolutely do.

So if you don't want someone watching over your shoulder while you surf the web, don't surf the web. Because everything we do on the web is actively monitored.


  1. I'll sell you my $5000 settlement check for $3000. LOL

  2. The "settlement" isn't intended to go to the victims. It's intended to go to awerz.

  3. "Settlement" is the new "book deal". Most of the money will end up in campaign coffers and such.