Saturday, December 2, 2023

Republican George Santos expelled from Congress in bipartisan vote

 Embattled GOP Rep George Santos expelled from House

Republican representative Santos was voted out of congress today.

How the hell does that happen? The asshats that voted him out are NOT his constituents. In my opinion his constituents voted him in, and should be the only ones who can vote him out.

What law gives congress this right? I don't think there is one. I think it is only the rules of congress that allow this to happen.

In my opinion, it isn't right. Now this guy may be a scumbag, I don't know. But shouldn't he be afforded due process? Just like we all hope we get if something happens to us?

In this case, he hasn't been convicted of a damn thing, only accused.

Congress has lost what this country is supposed to be about. Freedom, fairness, right to a trial, etc, etc.

The democrats are using this as an opportunity to try to even the numbers in the house. They could care less about Santos ethics. To them it is all politics.

As for the republicans who voted to expel, I think they are just light weight democrats.


  1. You should probably research this story a little more.

    He lied about his entire resume, college, work experience, all of it. Fabricated whole cloth.

    He is a gay peurto rican man - sound like any republican you've ever met? Hint: his election was rigged, too.
    I agree with your premise, we can't let the politicians run things, they work for us. In this instance however, it was determined he violated various rules of conduct and oath of office, and was removed by procedural methods. Waiting for the next election or holding a special vote would be pointless given he probably wasn't 'voted in' via conventional means anyways.

    1. "Probably" is not the same thing as "he WASN'T". Doesn't matter whether he is gay, republican, puerto rican, cowlover. He still deserves due process. Going by your logic, every one in congress should be expelled. Procedural methods be damned, congress, in my opinion, has zero authority to remove anyone, no matter what the allegations are.

  2. He has been charged with numerous offenses by the police. So it does seems like they put the cart before the horse this time. Problem is that Kathy H, is the governor of New York and who knows who she'll appoint. Probably an illegal immigrant off the street in New York.