Thursday, December 28, 2023

Wind Energy

I don't know what to think about this article. What Say you? 

From the article it appears that the mineral rights to the land in question belonged to the indians.

Why then did it take so long to recognize that ownership?

I am not against wind energy, I am not for wind energy. But I am against taking something that is not yours. 

I believe most of you know I have a small solar system on my home. I have recently thought about supplementing that with a small wind generator that would fit on my roof.

Do any of you out there do this? If you do would you share your experience with me?


  1. I live off grid and have some solar panels which don’t do me much good here at 62 degrees north latitude! I have thought about a small wind generator but we do not have dependable wind here in the woods. What I have against large scale wind farms is the damage they cause to wildlife and the toxic waste from spent blades etc. I have the same problem with commercial size wind farms plus the fact that often trees are cleared to plant panels, they displace crops or pasture and because they absorb heat and cause heat islands which would reduce any environmental warming effects! Panels on your house roof or wall etc do not cause the same problems and small residential wind units would not have the same drawbacks as commercial!

  2. they vibrate when operating so shouldn't be mounted on your house unless you can figure out how to mitigate that.

  3. Batteries always die eventually and aren't getting any cheaper. Have you ever studied your ROI?