Friday, March 1, 2024

Do you have enough guns?

 Do you have anything to hide from the atf?


  1. If BATFEces..or any other Fed Gov thug shows up the FIRST THING you do is ask for the warrant. If they say we don't have one you tell them to leave. If they don't you call your local cops. In most rural jurisdictions the cops will be happy to arrest a Fed thug for trespass if they refuse to leave. If they DO have a warrant then STFU and CALL A LAWYER. NEVER ever talk to a fed without a lawyer. At the very least they will LIE and claim that YOU lied to them...which will guarantee you go to prison.

  2. If I had any firearms, I would never talk about it on the internet or post pictures.

    That would be like a DA in Georgia telling the whole world (including every felon in Georgia) that she always keeps $15,000 of fungible cash in her home. ALWAYS!!!


    1. The DA in Georgia without a doubt enjoys taxpayer funded LEO guarding her and her home 24/7. And being a confirmed leftist she's is IMMUNE to prosecution of any kind.