Sunday, March 3, 2024

I am Home Once Again.

 I helped my oldest granddaughter drive from Fresno, Ca. to Hinesville, Ga., which is next to Savannah, Ga. Her husband is stationed at Fort Stewart. He is overseas on training, and I hope will be back next month.

Yesterday, Sat. Mar.2, I flew home. What an experience. I would say don't fly American Airlines but I suspect they are all the same.

Getting into the airport in Savannah was very smooth, no problems going thru security, except for the very rude obviously bored to tears lady guard. Oh, and I almost had to undress completely. And pull my shoes off. Did you know if you are 75 or older you can leave your shoes on? They also didn't like my metal ballpoint pen. And and and...And I left all my knives at home so I wouldn't have that problem.

Fly to Dallas DFW airport. We arrived at dfw terminal A. After unloading I pull out my next boarding pass. Fuck. Terminal B, gate B6. I had originally thought I would not have to change terminals.

Start walking, see they have a shuttle to take you. So I said easy peasy japanesy.

Get to terminal B, get to gate B6. My daughter calls and told me she got an email saying my departure has been delayed by 1.5 hours, and also a gate change. Shit.

I go to the AA assistance counter I spotted. The nice lady wrote on my boarding pass the gate assignment of D22, leaving at 6:28. So I look around and see a sign that says all D gates thisaway.

So I started walking thataway, thinking there would be a shuttle.

Nope. Just walking. And then more walking. And even more walking.

When I got to D22 I was pretty pissed. Went up to the counter and asked the guy is this where my flight is gonna leave from? And he says yeah after this flight to mexico city.

So I sit down to wait a couple of hours. Get a text from my daughter saying the gate assignment had been changed. WTF!!??

There is an overhead screen I went to look at. Had a line scrolling across the bottom saying flight to fresno leaves from gate D38.

Mother... So I grab my bag and coat and head to D38, which by this time has grown to about 800 miles away. Mother...

I got to D38 and was looking for a seat, when the PA system spoke up and said the flight to fresno had been changed to gate D21.

And I start to think, Are They Fucking With Me? Are they watching this elderly white man who is obviously out of shape and has big ole manboobs and is struggling to walk this far and thinking what a fine joke this is on him??

So I turn around and head back in the direction I had JUST came from, the entire gruelling 2000 miles of distance between gates.

I get to gate D21, which you would think is right next to gate D22, but it is not. Ask me how I know.

I ask the guy at the counter IS THIS THE FINAL GATE???

Yep it is. Thank you Jesus!

Found a seat and waited and the ride home was uneventful, except for the 3 terrorists I was seated next to. But they were nice, and didn't blow the plane up.


  1. Flying has become torture. My first flight was 1978. People dressed up. Plenty of leg room, good looking stewardesses. Over the years a slow grind into bus service or Amtrak. Now I only fly first class and it is equivalent to 1978 coach class.

  2. Sit back and relax! You have earned it!

  3. I haven't flown in nearly 10 years. I do not miss it.