Monday, March 25, 2024

Is Our Country on the Brink of Collapse? Here is my Monday morning Rant.

 Is our country on the brink of collapse?

Look at our auto industry. Stellantis has laid off hundreds and thousands of employees.

I believe GM did the same last year.

All of the auto makers are overflowing with product they have overpriced. And they are offering discounts to buy. And they are still making cars.

Nissan is now PAYING dealers $500 to $2000 to take cars off the auto manufacturers hands, and try to sell the damn things.

I was going to link a news article about that, but I could only find the one article at a site called Automotive News. But the site wanted me to register, for free, to continue reading. I don't do that.

So here is a utube vid I found that talks a little about that and more.

But I think this is just a beginning of the end for us. The auto industry is a pretty big deal. If they can't keep on selling cars they gonna have to stop making cars. They are already having difficulty selling cars and are getting rid of employees. This leads to their parts suppliers getting slower and having to lay off employees. Which leads to more business downstream from there having to close or lay off.

When that happens those unemployed people gonna start getting hungry. Their kids get hungry. What happens then?

I am not an educated person when it comes to this type of stuff. I am simply putting forth my conjectures? about what I think is happening.

But I think this country is in a downward spiral that cannot be stopped. The crats are doing every thing they can to kill this country off and the rinos appear to be helping them, ala the recent resignations from CONgress.

And on top of that biden and his evil minions have let about 10 million illegal alien assholes into this country. About 99% of them fighting age males. 99 is my exaggeration. It's probably only 98.5.

If as little as 1% of those illegal assholes want to do this country damage how we gonna stop them? This country doesn't have enough law enforcement to go around to stop that many assholes. Yes, we got millions of guns. But without intel on where these guys are it might be kinda hard to find and stop them. But even so that picture I have as my header may become reality.

What do you think may happpen if those millions of illegal aliens raid the IRS gun lockers and ammo lockers, then post up on the highways and start shooting at trucks all over this country? How much food you got stocked up if that happens? How much ammo you got, how much water, how much med supplies?

What will happen if about half of those millions post up on the electrical substations and start taking out transformers and control panels? Maybe even bust into a few control centers that manage the grid and do a little busting up with hammers and axes.

You think maybe if those assholes start running wild ole joe and the hoe may just take the opportunity to implement martial law? Or worse, make us stay home for two weeks until they can start vaccinations.

Now add in the fact that this country is more divided ideologically than it has ever been. And that statement includes our Revolution, and the War Between the States. We are so divided right now that civil discourse is no longer an option. Every speech has opposition protesters. If you go out to dinner and voice your opinion too loudly some Karen or some Kevin will stand by you and berate you. Maybe even force you out of the restaurant. And if you beat the shit out of them, you might be the one getting arrested. 

This country is topsy turvy right now.

So, what to do? Keep on prepping is part of it. Pay more attention to the news. Talk to your neighbors. If they will talk to you about this stuff.

As the Brits say, Keep your pecker up. 


  1. Dude, wake the fuck up!
    People been telling you since that fake-birth-certificate motherfucker proclaimed he would "Fundamentally Transform America"...
    It's not an accident
    It's not incompetence

  2. Too bad the Brit's peckers are surrounded by ragheads