Sunday, March 3, 2024

I guess I am living in the past. Used truck prices just seem to be sky high.

 1989 GMC Sierra dually 3500 - $6,500

Really? $6500 for a 1989 pickup? And I'm tempted to go buy it for that price, cause that is exactly what I have been looking for. It even says it's mine, says Vern's right on the back.

GMC Sierra 1500 z71 - $20,500

What, is this sonofabitch made out of gold? It is only 5 years newer! Okay, the tires are probably $1500, maybe even $2000. The tune up is probably $650, the shocks and fuel pump are probably 1000 or so, and the front suspension could be up to $4500 or so depending on what parts you replaced, including labor. But really? Twenty grand? You gotta be kiddin.


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    1. Yep. It is definitely time to build back.

  2. When the new ones are going for 45-50 K, that's a deal.

  3. Very few people in New Zealand have trucks, even ranchers with thousands of sheep or hundreds of milk-cows.

    They have TRAILERS that they disconnect when they are not needed.

    The trailers have brakes and they choose passenger vehicles known to have stellar cooling systems.

    Most transmission "issues" can be avoided by keeping your foot into the gas and then backing off after you get to 3.5k RPM and you want an up-shift...then slowly ease your foot into the gas after the up-shift to avoid an unwanted down-shift.

    No, it isn't a truck but it is cheaper and (when the trailer is disconnected) gets much better mileage.

  4. get the 1989 one,, they aren't going to go down in price

  5. Gotta compare todays dollars, not dollars from 10 or more years ago. THe "old" dollars are worth about 5X what the "new" dollars that 6500 dollar truck is pretty much the p[rice you are thinking....1k to 1.5 K in "old" dollars.....

  6. Back in Fall of 2020 we moved to a small farm in West Idaho. We needed a truck. Paid 20k for 13 year old Tundra with low miles in excellent condition. A lot of money, but new truck are going for 60k+ now.

  7. My grandson has been10k for the 89 Toyota pickup that I gave him.

  8. One of the guys I talk to on the ham radio wrecked his truck and was looking for another one. He COULDN'T BELIEVE what trucks were going for. He said "Just for shits and grins, gimme the info on your truck." He punched it in and found that the 2004 Ford F-250 longbed crewcab 4WD I purchased in 2006 for $28K was now worth over $30K! Granted, it's VERY rare to find a truck that old with only 46K miles on it, but still; Since WHEN do vehicles APPRECIATE in value unless they're antiques or classics???

    Thanks again, Traitor Joe...

  9. No remote kill switches, can be fixed under a shady tree.....

  10. Went with my kid to the dealer, they were asking $50,000 for a truck with a sticker of $43,000. I laughed in the salesman's face and left.