Monday, March 11, 2024

Lazy day today.

 I drove over to my local post office to mail my taxes earlier.

After doing that I drove over to Tractor Supply to browse and use the restroom.

They had garden seeds in the normal size packages, price range was $1.99 to $8.99. After seeing the price I left. Didn't even look at the seeds.

So from there I went to lowes, simply to browse. Don't need anything at the moment.

Walking around I spotted lawnmowers, so I stopped to take a look. Did you know, they did not have a single walkbehind mower powered by a gas engine?

Lowe's Lawnmower

I finally found a clerk, and that was sheer luck. I asked him if they had any real lawnmowers or just electric. He said if I wanted a gas mower they could order it. Jeez Louise.

They had about 15 or so different models of Electric lawn mowers though. And they were all cordless. Not a corded mower there. Who the hell is gonna use a battery powered lawnmower?

Around here in the spring the weeds and grass typically get 6" to a foot tall before anybody mows. My grass is about 6" right now.

I bet it would take about 20 batteries to mow what my old mower does with a 1/4 gallon of gas.

If you go to the link above, scroll down the page. There it says:

One item was electric mower, the rest were gas powered walk behind mowers, or gas powered riding mowers.  I think lowe's may be starting to go woke. 

Hope not.


  1. Was at Lowes in North Charleston SC getting a toilet valve Sunday. Walked past a stack of gas powered Honda and Toro mowers still in their boxes.

  2. My neighbour has a Stihl battery lawn mower among other appliances. I never hear him saying, "Start you bastard." To be fair my petrol array of equipment always starts with a couple of pulls. He readily concedes that my property is far too large for battery to be a practical option.

  3. I have said start you bastard many times.

  4. My local big-blue-box hardware store has 4 gas-powered walk behinds, and a fleet of ride-on's out front.
    You live in Commiefornia. Leave. GTFO. Been telling you... Your life is NOT that good there, it sucks, it IS better.. everywhere else! GET OUT!

  5. I went to I went to Lowes recently and went to the lawnmower section. An employee started with the electric power one were great and gas powered ones were noisier and poluted the air routine. I just looked at him and said, Where's the wind powered ones. He wasn't amused.

  6. Our Community Garden here in Mulvane just bought the last Honda mower. Gas mowers are getting hard to find.