Friday, March 8, 2024

joe biden threatens supreme court


This goddamn cocksucker needs to be eliminated. He needs to be put in a nursing home dedicated to taking care of insane dementia ridden pedophiles.

 Biden Threatens Supreme Court Justices to Their Faces in State of the Union Address

This guy has a goldplated set of balls. 

If you or I threatened somebody like that, even if it WASN'T on national television with millions of people watching, we would be in jail right now.

What this asshole did last night deserves impeachment at the very least.

And listen to the fuckin asshole crats cheer and clap when he says it.

Jesus H. Christ what has happened to our country.


  1. the #%^$$#@ democrats would cheer if he ate an infant on live tv. all they care about is the power, the money and their position

  2. Our country was overtaken by communists from within without firing a shot!
    We've already lost. The Republic IS GONE.

    1. Yup, Anon. You're 100% correct. Back in the '60s Krushchev said we would be destroyed from within and he was correct.

  3. Didn't obozo do the same thing?

  4. I think you forgetting an important fact. The laws in America DO NOT Apply to the left.