Sunday, March 17, 2024

Building a 3000W Portable Solar Power Station, Great for Power Outages!

Have you ever had a loss of power at your place? If you have you know that it would be nice to have a backup generator to provide power for your needs.

Gas, diesel, or propane powered generators work great for this. But if your power outage goes longer than a few days and you run out of fuel, what happens then?

Battery powered portable generators can help you fill this need. This video shows how this guy built one as a diy project. I think the cost now is about $2500 or so. You can purchase a manufactured unit like this one for about 3 grand.

This unit can easily power your refrigerator and a few lights, 24 hours per day. I am currently running my kitchen fridge from solar panels, and two Power Queen LiFePO4 200AH batteries. They are not mounted on a hand truck like this, but easily could be.

If you watch this on youtube, the guy has links to the products he used. Cheaper products are available, which can do the same job. Check all specifications before you buy anything.

In order to use this as a backup for power outages, you will have to charge it when needed. Solar panels can be setup to do this.

If you would like to learn about solar power, visit Will Prowse on youtube. He has lots of videos you can learn from.

Something like this will be nice to have on hand if the power goes out on Thanksgiving, like it did here 5 years ago.

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  1. You get about 10 watts per square foot from a solar panel. No way that you can make 3000 watts from portable solar panels.

    These things are really just batteries, not "solar" backups. They always end up being charged with AC power.
    For 3000 watt hours you'd need 300 square feet of solar panel in BRIGHT sunlight for at least 10 hours. (Or more solar panel for less time) ain't gonna be portable.
    But saying "solar" makes people think they can recharge them easily. Don't be fooled.
    It's just a backup battery with an inverter. It ain't a "generator" either.