Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Trump being charged and Biden getting a free pass is complete and total BULLSHIT!

  Rep. Kelly Armstrong Gets Special Counsel Robert Hur to Admit that Joe Biden “Met Every Actual Element of the Crime”

Our two tier justice system is on full display now, isn't it??

You would think that ole joe willfully taking classified documents while a private citizen would warrant an impeachment trial at the very least.

But not in this case. The rinos won't impeach him. And that may be a good thing. Who wants kneepads harris as his replacement? I don't.

We only have about ten months left of this buffoon. At least for this go around, as he very well may get re-elected.

But people in this country are fed up. And this election cycle, in my opinion, is going to cause violence in this country. In my opinion.

So to that I say, fuck em. Maybe it is a good year to die, fighting to regain the rights and freedoms we have let be taken from us. Cause voting, even if the REAL President gets elected this time, will not get us out of this mess.

I don't think it matters this time who wins, one side or the other is going to be pissed off enough to start the ball rolling.

Be prepared. Stay frosty. Look to your family. 


  1. Once again we see the left PROVING they are exempt from the law. They are LAUGHING at us and givi

  2. The issue is the public knows it, sees it, doesn't like it, and realizes they can't let it go on any further.

    Like elections matter anymore?!
    Jesus Fucking Christ are you THAT STUPID?!?!?!
    Oh, yeah, THIS TIME, they won't cheat. Uh-huh, THIS election will be on the up and up. Sure.
    Fucking idiot!

    1. If you are talking to me, the author of my scribble above, please have the courtesy of signing your name.

  4. To quote the great sea-faring philosopher: "That's all I can stands! I can't stands NO MORE!!"