Monday, March 4, 2024

Well no shit. Only took em 4 years to figure out. Assholes.

COVID-19 remains an important public health threat, but it is no longer the emergency that it once was 

Not from day one, but certainly the day after the first two week stay at home order. 

But I was an "essential worker." 

Here locally EVERYONE knew this was bullshit when they dismantled the emergency hospital in the parking lot of a downtown building. How many customers did that place have? Zero in the space of months.

And even more proof of the pudding was when one of the local hospitals laid off 300 employees. Why? No patients at the hospital. Why? Because they wouldn't/couldn't see them because: COVID.


This was such pure and utter bullshit. 

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  1. Yeah, another 'essential worker' here as well. I had a letter to show any LEO if stopped but it never happened. After working from home for two months, we were allowed back in office. Wife taught her class from home. After a lot of frustration learning how to use the computer effectively, it worked okay.

    Here, we did have COVID wards filled, but I strongly suspect many were just infected by a bad flu, and that the hospital cashed in on the '$10,000 per patient' designation. I have no proof of that but noted that filled cemetaries and funeral pyres where not publicized anywhere.