Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
28 Years In the Water Treatment Industry

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Another Maryland Man Red-Flagged to Death by the Cops

Stock Image of Police Raid C/O US Marshall Service  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:US_Marshals_entering_building.png
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Another Maryland citizen was killed in March by a police SWAT team during a red flag no-knock raid. We missed this story when it originally happened in mid-March (there was a lot going on then), but new developments and totalitarian actions by the authorities since then make this a story that you really need to know about.
First, we have to tell you what originally happened. According to police, they served a no-knock warrant on 21-year-old Duncan Lemp at 4:30 a.m. in Potomac, Maryland – a ritzy Washington, DC suburb. Police say they received an “anonymous tip” that Duncan Lemp was in possession of an assault rifle.
The cops claim that Lemp is on Maryland’s “prohibited persons” list because of a juvenile offense that he committed, so he’s not allowed to own a firearm until he turns 25 (an age the young man will never attain now, thanks to the red flag raid).
Police also say that Duncan Lemp was a right-wing militia nutjob who posted spooky things on militia social media forums. The cops claim that when they executed the peaceful and safe no-knock raid on the Lemp family home at 4:30 in the morning, Lemp refused to comply with their orders and had a rifle in his possession. Officers were forced to shoot Lemp, which resulted in his death.
Except… there were a bunch of other Lemp family members in the house at the time, and they have noted some inconsistencies in the official police story. Duncan Lemp’s brother and parents were all asleep in the house at the same time. As was Duncan Lemp’s girlfriend.
According to the family, the first thing they heard that woke them up was the sound of gunfire from outside the house. Duncan Lemp’s bedroom window faces the street, and the family says that the cops shot him through that window – while Duncan was asleep in bed. They also shot Lemp’s pregnant girlfriend who was asleep next to him, just to be on the safe side. (She and the baby fortunately survived.)
You can never be too careful when dealing with a rightwing militia nutjob. Oh, except… the family says that Duncan was not in a militia, and that he simply liked venting about politics on social media and was fairly libertarian in his politics.
Not to worry! I’m sure the police body cam footage will clear these discrepancies up. Except… the Potomac Chief of Police refuses to release the body cam footage, after more than six weeks of waiting.
The Chief also refuses to meet with Duncan Lemp’s family members who want to know why their son – a 21-year-old software geek who lived at home with his parents – was considered so dangerous that they needed to shoot him from their front lawn while he was asleep.
The family hasn’t received any answers from the police, while the police continue stonewalling and claiming that the murder of Duncan Lemp by cops playing Rambo happened exactly like they say it did.
And now… the story gets even worse.
The Lemp family is obviously furious about all of this and was planning a sidewalk protest outside the Potomac PD. But the county prosecutor sent a warning letter to the Lemp family’s attorneys. The letter stated that the cops have the Lemp family under surveillance and knew that they planned to attend this protest of Duncan’s red flag murder. The prosecutor threatened to arrest any protestor who shows up and slap them with a $5,000 fine for violating Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s social distancing and shutdown orders.
The cops were surveilling Duncan Lemp’s family members.
This is yet another unnecessary tragedy that resulted from Maryland’s unconstitutional red flag orders. Last year we told you about 61-year-old Gary Willis in Fernland, Maryland, who was killed by police who showed up at his door at oh-dark-thirty to strip him of his gun rights. Now another Maryland man – a young man who was about to become a father – has been killed under the color of this “law.”
So, after violating Duncan Lemp’s Fourth Amendment protections against unlawful search and seizure, and executing a no-knock warrant to violate his Second Amendment rights, and depriving him of his life in the process… the authorities in Maryland have now revoked the Lemp family’s First Amendment right to peacefully protest Duncan Lemp’s murder.
Here’s the last tweet that Duncan Lemp sent on his Twitter account: “The constitution is dead.”
Unfortunately, he was right.

Half of Washington State Apple Crop Could Be Lost Due to New Rules

Apples v. Inslee: A Union-Led Shutdown in Washington 

Invisible Woman?

Good Advice

Funny Pics


We’re Alive Though


Morning Fun Pics

Some Common Sense Has Busted Through

Texas Supreme Court Orders Release of Shelley Luther After She Was Jailed for Trying to Reopen Her Salon

The Texas Supreme Court has ordered the release of Shelly Luther, the Dallas salon owner who was sent to 
jail for violating the state’s coronavirus stay-at-home order.
State District Judge Eric Moy√© on Tuesday sentenced the owner of the Salon A La Mode to seven days 
behind bars for “disobeying a judge’s temporary restraining order prohibiting her from operating her salon,” 
according to CBS-DFW.
The judge told Luther that her actions were “selfish,” The Center Square reports.

Classic Kirkwood

Riverside Sheriff says There Can Not be a New Normal

California Sheriff: ‘I Refuse to Make Criminals Out of Business Owners’

Texas Gov. Abbot Changes Stay at Home Order to Eliminate JailTime

Is Poverty Deadlier than CoronaVirus??

Poverty is deadlier than coronavirus. That doesn’t mean either is a desirable condition. The smartest plan is to avoid both. But with one threat killing many millions around the globe and growing, and the other seemingly having reached its peak and proving far less fatal than frightening first reports, the path forward is clear. It’s time to get back to work.

The story is at California Globe. 

Calif. Isn't Going Back to Normal??

“We’re not going back to normal. It’s a new normal with adaptations and modifications, until we get to immunity and a vaccine,” Gov. Newsom said.

*#()^% this jackwagon.  I know he is elected by the people, but jesus aich christ he is supposed to help people.

California Globe has a story about this HERE.

Newsom has put Calif. in Tremendous Debt

Gallant governor newsom, governor of california, has placed our state into tremendous debt,  with no end in sight, supposedly to keep californians safe from The Covid.  Predictions are of a $54 billion debt this budget year, and who the hell knows where unemployment will peak out at.

Civil suits against this jack hat will be of no use, nor will civil suits against members of our legislature.   The only suitable suit I can think of for these despots is their burial suit.

HERE is the article from California Globe.

More Protests in Sacramento

Another protest in Sacramento at the capitol building, but no one at state seems to care, except they don't want the protestors to get close to them.

HERE is the link to the story at California Globe.

Found at Yahoo News

Story Found Here

Associated Press

Life in a pandemic: job cuts, Peloton sales, homemade bread

The Associated Press
Associated Press
The outbreak of the coronavirus has dealt a shock to the global economy with unprecedented speed. Following are developments Wednesday related to central governments, the work place and the spread of the virus.
JOB LOSSES: The pandemic jolted the global economy and millions of jobs have been lost. Those cuts continue daily.
— A memo from the CEO of long-haul carrier Qatar Airways that was was leaked online suggests upcoming layoffs will be “substantial.” The airline has not said publicly how many jobs will be lost.
The email said layoffs would include cabin crew. The Doha-based carrier is one of the three major airlines in the Persian Gulf region created to capitalize on East-West travel.
PREPARING FOR AFTER: Companies, countries, cities and towns are in varying states of recovery from the first wave of the coronavirus.
— Germany has cleared the way for restaurants and remaining shops to reopen in the coming weeks, but it will put restrictions back into place if new infections exceed a predetermined number. Infections have declined significantly in recent weeks.
— Russia is reopening all industrial plants and construction sites in Moscow next week. President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that it will be up to officials in other regions to determine if it’s possible to ease lockdown measures that have been in place since the end of March. Russia has registered 165,929 coronavirus cases, including 1,537 deaths.
— Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte said in a newspaper interview Wednesday that a new government decree will stimulate the construction industry by offering tax credits for bringing buildings up to seismic standards and release funds to renovate Italy’s schools and simplify bureaucracy for public works projects.
— The U.S. Treasury is reporting massive amounts of borrowing.
TACOS, PIZZAS, BURGERS: Restaurants are rethinking operations as they emerge from the outbreak. The index that follows restaurants and hotels has plunged 27% in the past three months, among the worst in the SP 500.
— Sales at comparable stores have improved “significantly” since April at Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell. The company that owns the chains, Yum Brands, says same-store sales had tumbled 30% in the second half of March and into April with 20% of its restaurants closed.
— Wendy’s sales improved after it began serving breakfast again and then partnered with Uber Eats and GrubHub. The chain’s same-store sales jumped 16% in the first week of March after it reintroduced breakfast. As lockdowns began, sales plummeted; they were down 28% the first week of April. But they’ve improved every week since then and were down only 2% in the U.S. last week. Wendy’s says increased delivery orders are helping.
EARNINGS SEASON: Companies are offering the first look at the damage from the outbreak, though it's an incomplete picture. Tech is seeing the greatest growth, but the category that includes consumer sales has plunged nearly 50%, the worst of any sector, according to S&P Global.
— Mattel is warning of sales declines larger than the 14% tumble it reported Wednesday for the first quarter. The company is counting on a new line of Baby Yoda dolls to goose Christmas sales, but the company's CEO said production won't be ramped up unless there is evidence that consumers are spending money again. Rival toy maker Hasbro has also warned of falling sales in the current quarter.
— The coronavirus outbreak has been a back breaker for some fitness companies, while helping pump up others. Exercise bike and treadmill company Peloton Interactive notched a 92% increase in subscription revenue for the January-March quarter as more people stuck at home signed up for the company’s virtual exercise classes.
Litigation costs kept Peloton from turning a profit, but its revenue soared 66% to about $525 billion. In contrast, health club operators are struggling. Gold’s Gym filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this week. Last month, Planet Fitness furloughed employees at locations it directly controls.
— The New York Times added 587,000 net new digital subscriptions in the first quarter.
MARKETS: Markets have been roiling for three months because of uncertainty over the duration of the outbreak. The S&P 500 is down 19% in that period. All major U.S. indices are up for the week, however.
— Stocks fell on Wall Street Wednesday, as depressing data on the economy continues to roll in.
TEAM CARB: Sales of electric pasta makers are five times greater than they were last year between mid-March and mid-April, according to the NPD Group, and sales of bread-making machines have quadrupled. There was double-digit growth in sales of waffle irons, electric griddles and rice cookers.
CLEARING THE AIR: The virus-caused plunge in air travel is reducing airlines’ carbon footprint. Figures released Wednesday by the Energy Department show U.S. airlines burned 1.17 billion gallons of fuel in March, 23.5% less than the same month last year. It’s the lowest fuel-burn rate since February 2014.
VACANCIES: U.S. hotel occupancy improved slightly last week as leisure demand picked up in Texas and Florida. The average occupancy at U.S. hotels was 28.6% the week ending May 2, according to STR, a data and consulting firm. It was the third consecutive week-to-week increase in demand.

What a Bunch of Bulllshit #2

What a bunch of bullllshit!!!  People are dieing because socalled elective surgeries are being postponed.  Some of these are heart surgeries, so how in the hell is that elective?  

Here in Fresno calif., St Agnes hospital has laid off about 300 workers now. And in Salinas calif the same thing is happening at a heart hospital there. Where the hell is the sense in that?  Where is the glut of  The Covid patients who were supposedly going to overrun the hospitals capability of caring for them? 

HERE is a story from Daily Wire about this very thing.

Where I Got my Nickname

In the very early 1970's, say Christmas 1970,  I was in the Navy machinist mate A school, in Great Lakes, Illinois. A friend of mine at the time started calling me Elly. He did that because he said he gave all of his friends nicknames. Of course I didn't care for that name, so he shortened it to Eli, because of the song from 3 Dog Night.  I spell it Ely, but no one else does. Anyway, my wife of 45 years still calls me that. Here is the song:

Some Musical Fun--Steve Martin in King Tut

When Entertainment Was Real---The Lennon Sisters

We Had a Much More Dangerous Flu in 1957

In 1957 this country survived a flu that killed 116,000 Americans. But guess what? We didn't shut the country down.  Worldwide over 1 million people died! But guess what? No one shut their countries down.  

Here is a link to the article at Zero Hedge.

What a Bunch of BullllllShit!!!

A Dallas salon owner is being placed into jail for defying a judges order to close her salon.  She tore up the cease and desist order at a protest.  Texas Governor Abbott meanwhile has said salons can reopen Friday, but the judge in the case is a dumbass, and is placing her in jail and fining her $7000 and $500 each day she is open in defiance of the order, because "it's the law." Bullshit.  Screw the law.  

And meanwhile Dallas DA will not prosecute drug dealers and thieves who commit crimes of less than $750.00. But they'll prosecute a hairdresser who's trying to save her business.  

The story is at Weasel Zippers, with links to other related stories, such as the one where Dallas is releasing 1000 inmates.  What a bunch of Bullshit.

Egg Prices

A New Lawsuit Accuses Retailers Like Trader Joe’s, Costco, And Walmart Of Marking Up Prices On Eggs In California

Calif. Borrows Money from the Fed

On Monday, California became the first state to borrow money from the federal government to make unemployment benefits in the coming months.

Click Here for the Story

Some People are Finally Standing Up to Gov't

Across our nation, people are finally standing up to government, and I say it's about time.

Various states and localities have thought about instituting orders to make wearing facemasks mandatory.  And people are telling them to stick it where the sun don't shine.

Here is a link to the article from Legal Insurrection.

John Denver & Cass Elliot - Leaving On A Jet Plane

They've Been Caught Red Handed! | The Rookie

Modoc County Calif. Reopens

From Calif. Globe
Home>Articles>Modoc County Reopens, Defies Gov. Newsom’s Order

Modoc County Line. (Photo: Twitter)

Modoc County Reopens, Defies Gov. Newsom’s Order

Restaurants, churches, and other businesses reopened Friday in the rural County
By Evan Symon, May 1, 2020 3:12 pm

‘No one knows what the state will do in retaliation right now, but hey, restaurants are open now.’

On Friday, Modoc County, a small Oregon-bordering county of 9,000 people, became the first California county to break with Governor Gavin Newsom’s statewide lockdown orders and allowed non-essential businesses to reopen.
With no known COVID-19 coronavirus cases, a low population having a dramatically reduced chance of contracting the virus, and adequate precautions being used by residents, county officials decided that the county met the Governor’s conditions in his 4 stage re-opening plan to reopen. While the Governor’s plan was meant for statewide rather than local re-openngs, no action has been taken against Modoc County.
“We are utilizing his guidance of those plans and we have zero cases,” said Deputy Director of the Modoc County Office of Emergency Services Heather Hadwick in a series of statements on Thursday. “Our residents were moving forward with or without us. We really needed to create guidelines for them so that they could do this in the safest way possible. Somebody has to step up for rural California and we just happened to be the first.”
“We’re not in this at all to defy anything. We align with the plans. We’re just at a different phase in this because of where we are and how we live. COVID-19 looks very different in Modoc. And it’s not here.”
The reopening will also follow state health regulations that were under Governor Newsom’s 4 phase plan. Restaurants, bars, churches, and other non-essential businesses that reopen will have to follow 6 feet social distancing rules. Bars and restaurants will specifically have their capacity cut in half to allow for this. While not specified, masks will also most likely be used for some time after, even if on a volunteer basis.
“It’s actually quite brilliant,” noted restaurant consultant William Baines. “The county has met all of the marks to reopen according to the Governor, so they reopen using his words against him. I’ve talked with restaurant owners in similar counties who are hemorrhaging money right now due to the coronavirus, and they want to use this logic too.”
“No one knows what the state will do in retaliation right now, but hey, restaurants are open now. They’re keeping them safe. It’s amazing the little things like that. Those can help people really get back on with life. And right now they covered all the bases to do so.”
Other rural counties, most notably Lassen County, have also brought forth plans to re-open soon. Their plans are largely similar to Modoc’s, including the reasoning that small counties have experienced the pandemic far differently than the rest of the state and, also like Modoc, they have had no coronavirus cases.
Governor Newsom and state officials have yet to respond to Modoc’s reopening as of Friday afternoon. It is not known what action, if any, the state would take against the county.

California is Making Criminals of Us

This article is from California Globe. Click HERE to go read the whole article.

‘The First Amendment is my permit’

When the California Legislature reconvenes after being recessed for 7-8 weeks during the statewide COVID-19 lockdown, expect to see a complete political meltdown. And finger pointing. And overreactions. And an ongoing lack of leadership. And then watch the legislation and ballot initiatives to raise taxes on the very people who lost their businesses and jobs because of Governor Gavin Newsom’s authoritarian statewide lockdown.
The protests across the state Friday made very clear that California’s residents are fed up with the stay-at-home orders and need to get back to work – if their businesses are even still there. A good one-third of the signs at the State Capitol protest were about the governor – one sign said, “He freed the felons and imprisoned the free.”
State Capitol lockdown protest. (Photo: Facebook)
Most of all we need to ask why police were in riot gear at the protest. We need to ask why they arrested a handful of moms and dads at a protest asking the governor to open up the state. These people are being destroyed by the governor’s order. They want to get back to work.

South Dakota Governor Gets a Parade

South Dakota Governor Refused To Implement Stay-At-Home Orders. Her Citizens Throw Her A Parade.

Reposted from Bustednuckles

I am reposting this from Phil over at Bustednuckles. If you go over to his site, tell him I said Hi.  Also, he uses pretty salty language sometimes, so be forewarned.

Black market.

You Better Figure This Shit Out
Our economy is going to be DOA by the end of Summer at this rate.
The Cavalry is not coming to save the day.
If you don’t already have contacts in the Underground Economy I suggest you start your own mini version. Word will get out and someone will start feeling you out to see how trust worthy you are. If you pass the test then opportunities will be presented to you.
It’s all in who ya know and get along with.
The Underground Economy is nothing to sneeze at in this country.
We are talking BILLIONS of dollars worth of transactions and that guestimate was one I saw ten years ago. It’s probably in the tens of Billions by now.
Tax and duty free.
Some Barter, some cash, run what ya brung, goods and services are where it’s at.
The government isn’t your friend, in case you haven’t quite got a handle on that yet.
Start talking to your friends and relatives first.
The Wimmins can be surprisingly good at this, they are more social oriented.
Of course I would never endorse anything illegal, right?

Road Damage Due to Heat in Midwest----Updated

I have updated the link to go to a different page where you can find this article. Fox news is being assholish about reading their story. ...