Friday, January 29, 2021

10 Years in Real Life Jail for Posting a Stupid Meme---Welcome to slowjoe and the hoe's amerika

 Besides, if any individual was so unfathomably stupid as to read a joke meme on Twitter and take its voting guidance seriously without doing five seconds of additional research, then the fault lies solely with that individual. You cannot always victim blame in cases of fraud, but when the supposed “fraud” is a silly picture on Twitter telling you to vote in a presidential election with a hashtag or text message, the victim does indeed deserve the blame. If anything, the alleged oppressor has done us a favor by weeding out the sort of terminal morons who shouldn’t be voting in the first place. I realize that is not a valid legal defense, but it is a relevant moral consideration.


  1. All he did was create a meme the leftists didn't like. The left actually STOLE a fucking election.
    That shows the perversion of their views and morals.
    They are truly evil sons of bitches.