Saturday, January 16, 2021

Whatta Bunch of Bullshit

 Democrats should be really proud of themselves right about now. They have turned this country into a fourth world shithole.

The inauguration of joe and the hoe will be the first one i can remember where there is more military in washington dc than over in  the shithole countries we are supposedly fighting in, or whatever the fuck they are doing over there.

25,000 Troops In Washington D.C. Have Been Authorized To Use Lethal Force Against The American People


  1. If they are authorized to use lethal force on American citizens, that makes the NG hot targets.

    1. Yes it does. Unless they lay down arms and walk away.

  2. As a retired veteran, I would have had a hard time following that order when I was in the service. I would rather shoot the person telling me that than a citizen.