Sunday, January 31, 2021

Was Senator Roy Blunt Arrested??

Was Senator Roy Blunt arrested at the faux inauguration? This video appears to show him being led away in handcuffs. I have done several duckduckgo searches and this video is all i have found. I at first thought no way was he arrested, the lady escorting him i think is his wife. But the awkward position of his hands does lead one to believe otherwise. And as he turns to the left near the end of the video, if you look closely at his hand area, i see what i believe to be handcuffs. I have to believe if he was arrested, the left would be going crazy all over the place about this?

I forgot to say I first saw this story over at It Ain't Holy Water.
If this is true, I think this is kind of a big deal. In my 69 years I have never seen this before.

What do you think?



  1. Hard to say, not sure the left say anything knowing that they sill be next. I'm on

  2. That is the way it looks to me Fred. I was an MP in the Army so I have had the pleasure so to speak of escorting prisoners just like this. The gal looks a little young to be married to an old leach like him, but what do I know, some women have no taste.

    1. Where were you stationed as an MP? My brother in law was a cook for mp's in the 70's.
      Yeah, i think you are correct. it looks like he is in cuffs.

  3. Oh, Presido of San Fran, Ft McClellan, AL, Ft Benning, Ga, Temphhof (sp) Barracks, Berlin, Korea, a couple of other places I can't list.

  4. Jan 29th video of him on the tube. Not sure when it was filmed?