Sunday, January 24, 2021

Be Careful With Your Chemicals

In the last year I have learned that a product called Brakleen can be used as a starting fluid for engines. Never knew that before, never had call to use a starting fluid. I have used it successfully to help start my lawnmower and generator engines.

Tonight, since I am up at 4 am again, as is my usual status these days, I was watching automotive repair videos. I know, videos with naked chicks are much better, but I am to the point it is best not to excite myself.

Anyway, the guy in the video is explaining why he is not using a starting fluid to see if his car will run, because all he has is brakleen and that causes phosgene gas to form when burned, he says. But I don't know if burning in an engine will cause that, because I don't know if the temps get high enough. Welding can cause it.

So I did a duckduckgo search and the first article to come up is linked here. Take it for what it's worth.

And here is a second article: 

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