Sunday, January 17, 2021

National Guard deployed around Sacramento in preparation for potential unrest

 Did you ever give a party and no one showed up? I have a feeling all of this bullshit the .gov is doing with building up the NG at all state capitols and the fed .gov in dc with the 20 to 30,000 troops buildup is going to be like that. 

Personally, i think they are way over reacting. I don't think a cotton pickin thing is going to happen. Because "protests" is just not what us conservatives do. We just don't. I wish we would, because that actually seems to work this summer. At least for the left. I would dearly love to see 10 to 20,000 fully armed rightwingers show up at some of our capitols. Hell, if that happened, i might go join them.

I know they will  use the "boogaloo boys" to point out all of the "violence" us rightwingers will produce. But the video i saw showed what, 10 guys walkin down the street? Hardly a show of force.

Anyway, i guess asshoe newsom activated some people to help control unrest at sacramento. Here it is sunday night and haven't heard of any unrest yet. He does have chp there too, and i sincerely detest the california highway patrol. They are cocksuckers extraordinaire. Sometime I might relate the story of how they wouldn't help my 2 grandsons when some jackoffs tried to run over them. chp are assholes.


  1. Did you ever think, maybe? all the National Guard and military are not for keeping people out of the capitals and DC, but to keep in all the Deep State Criminals? You know their all going to be there. So it would make it so mch easyer to round them all up.

  2. We can hope that is the case. Wouldn't that be a sight to see?