Sunday, January 24, 2021

I had to laugh

On the 16th of January I ordered a manual hydraulic logsplitter from Lowes via the internet web page.

They sent me an email on the 18th of January to say it is on its way to me.

They left a place I could track shipment, so I've been checking. They always say it will be delivered on 25 january, which is tomorrow. Anyway, it started out in new jersey, then the next day illinois, then utah, then newberry springs calif.

Newberry Springs is on interstate 40 down by Arizona. That was yesterday. This morning i checked and the logsplitter is in stockton california.

That's why i had to laugh. Stockton is almost 100 miles north of me. They had to drive right past my house to go to stockton.

Oh well, guess it will be here tomorrow.


  1. I won't even shop at Lowes any more. Years ago, I ordered a Husqvarna Tiller and a quart of oil for it. Weeks later, I get in an email saying that it had arrived at the store. So my happy ass goes up to get it and they say that it's not there...the email was sent in error.
    I wasn't a happy camper at all and they knew it.
    Fast forward another week or so and I get an email saying that it's arrived. I call the assholes this time and they verify that it's waiting for me at the store.
    I go back up there, show them my receipt with the order number and 15 minutes later some snot nosed little teenage kid plops down a quart of oil and says "Have a nice day sir."
    No buildup...straight from room temperature to fuckin plasma.
    "Do you fucking think I spent over $600 on a fucking quart of oil?!"
    Now other customers knew that I wasn't happy either. They look at the receipt, apologize and disappear into the back to get the tiller.
    ONE FUCKING HOUR LATER, they bring it out on a lift. Let's just say that for one hour, everyone in my loud voice range was very aware of their complete ineptitude. I think some even walked out to go to Home Depot next door.
    I told them that I would not step foot back in their store if that's the way they did business.
    I just use Home Depot, Reynolds, Ace and another mom and pop hardware store...especially when it's planting season. Great batch of plants and seeds.
    Hell, HD even went over and above when we bought a new water heater that was DOA out of the box. After trying to order a bad control board three times, HD authorized and paid for the un-installation of the bad HW heater, the return, and sent a plumber out to deliver and install the new one at no charge.

  2. We used to have a mom and pop hardware store here, and thats where i shopped until they shut down about 4 years ago. I don't shop at home depot, had an issue with them about 15 years ago. For the moment lowes is the only place open to me.

    1. Strange how that works. When I lived in Georgia, it was the exact opposite...HD were the lazy shitheads and Lowes would bend over backwards to help you.
      Here in this part of Florida, Lowes just doesn't give a damn about anything or anyone...including their employees. At HD, you damn near have to fight off people rushing up to ask if you need help with anything.
      Sounds like just pure damn piss poor management at some stores. They really should get their shit together.