Saturday, January 16, 2021

Supper Tonight

 Supper tonight was apple crisp and vanilla ice cream. I know, I know, metformin won't take care of that much sugar. So i said screw it and took 2 metformin.

Do you guys call the nighttime meal supper? Or dinner? Where i come from in northern Texas we have breakfast dinner and supper. Here where i live now in central california we have breakfast lunch and dinner. 

My wife and i frequently have mixed signals. I will say whats for dinner meaning noon time meal. She will start talking about tritip, or some other meal which she is planning on fixing for evening meal, what i call supper.

Don't know where all the designations came from or where they got separated. Probly by some high society flatulence infested karen back in the old days.

Some biddy in New York city trying to prove how much better she was than us uppity deplorables. 

Speaking of deplorable, are you guys still wearing your Trump hats? I wore mine today, nobody gave me any shit about it, kindof surprising.


  1. I wear my Trump hat quite frequently. I guess the look in my eyes pretty much prevent anyone from making a comment because they pretty much know that you don't fuck with a closet psycho. Even my smile is kind of a wolfish grin.

    1. Thats good to hear, that not everyone is a sheep. Around here, i get frequent strange looks, no mask and a Trump KAG hat, but no one has said anything.

  2. I am on metformin as well. Twice a day 500 mg each. I also take piaglitazone during evening meal. Around here, we start dinner at 7, and often snack on and off until midnight. My morning BS has been running high since the holidays; 150 average.
    If you take an extra metformin, does it drop your BS noticeably?
    If I took an extra, I would run out, as my insurance makes sure I do not get it renewed until I use my 180 pills exactly to the early refills for taking 'extras'.
    Have you tried Ceylon cinnamon as a supplement for lowering BS?
    Apple pie is out of the question for me. Since I tend to imbibe heavily, I have to choose my carbs carefully in the evenings. I am learning.
    It sucks being diabetic.
    The world of big pharma makes billions on folks like you and I...blood sugar meters, test strips, metformin, do you know how many types of insulin are out there?
    My sister in law has been a type 1 all her life. She has an implant in her arm that she scans with her phone to get BS readings all day. She has to watch every carb and sugar molecule she ingests, and shoot insulin accordingly, if she calculates correctly, which she does not frequently. If she gets too low, she becomes a blubbering idiot, just before coma sets in.
    It could always be worse, I guess.

  3. I am on metformin twice daily with jardiance once daily as a kicker. I don't monitor my bs, i said screw it, this stuff works or it doesn't. My doctor has wanted me to go to injections for a couple of years now, and i keep telling her no. Don't know how much longer i can stave her off.

  4. OK, then how does one know if it's working? if you don't check your BS? If you have sugar in your blood, it will slowly destroy your kidneys. I would urge you to check it, my friend.

    1. I know i should. Just got super irritated when they wouldn't refill the strips to take it with. Said they forgot, and then just never sent a refill to pharmacy. after several calls and nothing happened, i just quit monitoring.

  5. Regarding supper and dinner.
    My farmer relatives in North Dakota had breakfast, lunch, dinner, lunch, and supper.
    Since farmers work so hard, the lady of the house drove out to where the 'boys' were working, and brought 'lunch'. Lunch was Kool-Aid (nectar, as they called it) cookies, and cold meat sammiches (cold cuts),and maybe coffee. Morning lunch was 10:30, afternoon lunch was around 3:30. I kid you not and these guys were shredded and buffed their whole lives.
    'Round here, lunch is midday meal, and supper is evening meal. One must be careful about the term dinner; it means different mealtimes in different areas.

    1. yes it does. gets kinda confusing here when i revert to my roots.